Claiming a birthright is no more controversial than using your ancestral name, it simply is what it is.  However, nowadays it seems that being an American and being proud of being an American is too much for the powers that be at the Olympic Games in Athens


Being anti-American appears to be more “in” nowadays than coming out of rehab, at least for the more liberal minded folks.  Used to be a celebrity would drive her car into a crowd, stand before a smiling judge, spend time in rehab, and get a part in a block buster movie.  Now, all a celebrity has to do is talk about how awful America has been and will be unless we start speaking French and their fans are delighted and they get nominated for a Golden Globe Award.



One of the more telling aspects of a society which has embraced a “progressive” way of life is what is acceptable and what is not.  It would appear then that what constitutes “progressive” mores is in the eye of the beholder.